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Binfield Concert Band aims are to:

a. bring more music into our lives.

b. encourage young people to play a musical instrument.

c. raise money for charity from performances

Foundation Trustees
Diane Gare Headteacher Binfield School
Reverend Bill Meyer of Binfield

Management Trustees
Martin Lovegrove
Peter Brown
"Culture is not a substitute for life, but the key to it"

Web access is free at Binfield library and there are friendly staff who will help if you get into difficulties

Insurance values of musical instruments. Please do not forget to make sure your child's instrument is appropriately insured.

David Edwards, Fred Harman, Phil Lazenbury, Andy Porter and Lawrence Wootten are our Senior Musicians/Tutors for Binfield Concert Band. In their capable hands we will confidently go from strength to strength and raise lots of money for charity.

intends to show that brass and wind can be modern and has the capability within the right environment of producing Top of the Pops material and even youngsters clamouring to join Pop Stars style band competitions on the TV. We are currently training thirty primary school children who have been provided with musical instruments by Binfield Concert Band for the duration they are members. In the future hopefully as many as 120 will be having tuition and will form into four bands. The bands will draw on military band lines and this will be achieved working and performing with musicians from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Military Band, Blues and Royals Band, the Lifeguards Band and the RAF Central Band who will provide the tuition for members at a nominal fee. The band has accommodation for tuition, rehearsals and recitals at 2 Oakmede Place. Membership will be open to all within the region from Year 3 upward.. We believe that teaching students so young will have problems but we are convinced will contribute to the aim to produce a new vibrant musical style ready to challenge peoples views on what is the pop music of the 21st century.

We also have an adult training group for which there is no age limit.

We also have a professional group of musicians consisting of 30 members who provide the core of our band for concerts that we hold currently twice a year. Only adult and junior members who come up to the exacting standards of the tutors shall play with this band and only small parts except under exceptional circumstances.

Other musical events such as recitals at our premises will be held on an ad hoc basis. Keep an eye on the Web Site for up to date details.

Also we have a group of children called Binfield Kids Chorus, who are not necessarily interested in playing musical instruments, but are interested in song and dance. At our concerts they will perform excerpts from the well known kids choruses from the modern musicals.